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1. In which cities is TellMee operational?

Our services are provided all across Pune and we will soon expand our services in more cities, stay tuned.

2. How does TellMee charge for its services?

Some of our services have fixed charges while the charge for other services can be estimated only after inspection. Products/materials if needed will be purchased only after consulting the customer and the bill will be added accordingly. We have a standard inspection fee of Rs. 200 which is waived if the service is availed. None of the prices/costs can be confirmed before inspection.

3. Are the service providers/ Handymen you send qualified?

  Yes, our services Providers have minimum experience of 5-8 years in their respective work fields and they are trained by us to provide seamless customer service and complete the job efficiently.  Our professionals are background checked and verified and are up to date with the latest technology and trends in the industry.

4. Is TellMee responsible for quality of work?

Yes, we understand that this is the most common problems faced by the customer and therefore we guarantee free service if the work is not done properly and the problem reoccurs within 7 days.

5. Does someone have to be home while the work is getting done?

   We highly recommend that you are there when the service provider comes to your house,  our experience tells us that executive's on-site queries / clarifications are best handled if the you are around.

6. What happens if the service provider does not reach on time?

We try our best to ensure that our service provider reaches on time always but if he doesn’t then we will arrange for the best alternative near to you or reschedule the job as per your convenience

7. What happens if the service provider breaks or damages anything?

This is highly unlikely but if it happens then we will try to repair or replace anything which is damaged or broken or you can claim insurance up to Rs. 5000. (see T&C).

8. What if the Job takes more time than estimated by TellMee and its Service providers?

            We understand the value of your time and we always try to finish the job well within the estimated time. Our service providers are well trained to update you if the job would take more time than expected after inspecting the site. We urge you to keep a buffer time of half an hour more or less than the estimated time given.

9. Do TellMee service providers bring their own supplies or do I have to arrange for it.?

All materials and supplies needed would be purchased by our service provider only after consulting with you. Some basics such as stool, ladder, cleaning cloth, bucket etc. would be available at your home. We can also use materials provided by you for the job.

10. How are customized jobs handled?

      For customized jobs such as interiors, painting, water tank installation etc. an on-site inspection is necessary. After the inspection, a quotation for the work will be sent for your approval. If approved we start the job on your decided day with an advance of 50% on the amount realized.

11. How to I report any issue or complaint?

è   If you are a registered user then you have an option to register complains or issues from your TellMee account or you can directly  mail us on We ensure to take action on complains within 24 hours.

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