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The name TellMee itself serves the purpose of our existence. It is an effort towards reaching out to all those who are looking out for a reliable, prompt and quality services in home servicing and maintenance and provide them with seamless end-to-end service.  We are committed to provide you with the best services and products offered by our trained, certified and background checked handymen who are 100% accountable for timely and quality service. Tell us your problems and we will take care of it


To serve our customers with highest degree of quality and reliability with our seamless and value for money service and products delivered by our best in class, trained and skilled professionals which will revolutionize the service industry as we see today.


To be a reliable brand in the maintenance, repairs and service industry as a whole by providing reliable, timely and quality services and products to serve our customers with outmost care and integrity.

A wholesome Package for all your Needs

Rs 3999 - 4500
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Rs 4999 – 5500
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Rs 5999 – 6500
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Rs 6999 - 7500
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Get plumber, carpenter, electrician, pest control, car wash, Superman Premium services